Starters for 10: The Art of Asking Questions

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

T21 Group MD Paul Laville goes Back to Basics with Electrical Retailers.

Earlier this year I decided to do some shopping. ‘Mystery Shopping’ that is, because I know that every keen retail salesperson loves it when someone pretending to be a genuine customer walks in off the street to tease a sale right up to the close only to walk away with the smiling promise of “I’ll think about it”.

However, believe it or not there was a purpose to my visits: I’d been asked by a couple of retailers to start some sales training with their shop floor staff.

For us at T21 it’s vital that we obtain first-hand knowledge of the abilities and attitudes of the people we’ll be training. The more detailed knowledge we have, the fewer assumptions we make, the more targeted and successful our training will be. In short, it’s simply about understanding our customer’s needs and then providing a solution which addresses them perfectly. If we get it right the theory is they’ll ask us to do more.