5 Top Tips for Selling Refrigeration Products in Your Store

Fridges and freezers are a necessity, aren’t they? Yes there’s a luxury aspect to them at the top end but it’s a mature market driven largely by replacement. Either way, people need fridges! So why isn't easier to sell them?

According to the Office for National Statistics, household penetration for refrigeration products in the UK is around 97% (which makes me wonder what the other 3% use to keep their beers chilled on a sunny day). And in today’s market, where austerity and economic uncertainty loom fearfully large, it’s price as much as anything else which plays a key role in the buying decision, meaning that a majority of customers want something as quickly as possible as cheaply as possible.

Which means it’s all too easy to commit any one or all of the following crimes:

1: Ask how much the customer wants to spend, show them something which fits the budget, take the order and collect the cash.

2: Forget about selling unique benefits of certain brands and models.