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6 Facts About E-Learning

We know that E-Learning has many benefits such as it is more engaging and tailored to each individual. But what are some facts, stats, about the wonderful world of E-Learning.

1 | Corporate e-learning takes 40-60% less time to complete compared to traditional learning

2 | Retention rates are 25-60% higher than for face-to-face training (which average around 8-10%)

3 | The Open University undertook a study and found that e-learning consumes 90% less energy per person than face-to-face training

4 | E-Learning carbon emissions per person are 85% less than face-to-face learning

5 | IBM calculated following a comprehensive overhaul that for every $1 spent on the E-Learning programme, they made a $30 return

6 | 72% of organisations having E-Learning places them at a competitive advantage

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