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A Quick Guide To Time Management Techniques

Batching, blocking, boxing, theming... what do these all mean?

The irony with time management techniques is that you don't have the time to take a look at what time management techniques could work for you. So, we’ve had a look at some common terms and techniques, to give you a quick guide.

1.) Blocking

Time blocking involves blocking out time to accomplish a particular task.

For example, blocking out 10am to 11am everyday to manage your emails.

2.) Batching

Similar to time blocking, time batching differs slightly in that it's about a specific task (that's not necessarily ongoing like emails) to a particular time.

For example, writing a one-off report at 3pm.

3.) Theming

Self-explanatory, day 'theming' involves blocking out a whole day for a particular project.

For example, every Monday: focusing on reports; keeping Tuesdays for meetings; Wednesdays, for data analysis.

4.) Boxing

Ideal for specific tasks and those who thrive on deadlines, boxing entails setting a deadline/goal for a particular project.

For example, writing 500 words for a report between 9am and 10am on Wednesday.

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Thank you to Rebecca Eumorfopoulos, who is creating our social media posts and managing the communications of T21, for writing this post.

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