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Gamified E-Learning

Gamification is proven to be highly effective and beneficial for organisation, helping to support retention, policy implementation and more.

3 ways our gamified E-Learning will help you and your business:

1 | Employee Onboarding

Excellent onboarding experience improves retention by up to 82% according to Glassdoor research. Deloitte used an onboarding game for analysts, in which players saved the world from zombies and trained in skills like Microsoft Excel. It helped improve retention significantly for Deloitte, saving costs and recruitment time for the HR department.

2 | Employee Training

In a survey by Talent LMS, 83% of employees reported feeling motivated and enthusiastic by training with gamification they participated in. In turn, this helped drive productivity. McDonalds adopted a VR training programme with gamification elements which saved the restaurant giant $1.5 million.

3 | Policies and Procedures

“Policies are my favourite thing about my job!” said no-one, ever. But gamification can help add some zest to this. Take Google, who like many companies had many of their employees forgetting to record business expenses. So Google introduced game options where employees could choose to add the expenses to their next payslip, donate the money to charity or allocate it to their next business trip. It was so successful that it lead to 100% of employees fulfilling the expenses policy.

Email us at or explore our website here to find out more about our gamified e-learning and how T21 Group can help you and your business.

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