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How Do You Measure the Success of Your E-Learning Platform?

How do you measure the success of your e-learning platform? By sales? Staff feedback? The increase in staff retention versus previous years?

Here are 3 ways you can measure the success of your e-learning platform:

1 | Are the staff engaged?

We suggest a benchmark figure is set before the implementation of e-learning. Metrics such as the number of staff you would like to complete an e-learning module and in what timeframe are useful indications.

Collect staff feedback before and after to assess how engaged they are with the topics covered in the module. If they understand more afterwards, your e-learning is on the right track. If not, you might want to check our post on improving your e-learning for some ways to develop it.

These kind of statistics and feedback are particularly useful for HR and L&D teams.

2 | Does the e-learning make an impact on the area(s) it was designed to?

This could be sales, improving customer service, saving the company money or increasing upsell. It could even be e-learning specifically designed to increase retention, if a workplace has a revolving door culture.

Whatever it is, this is what the CEO and key shareholders will want to know. Additionally, they will want to know how much profit has been generated, as well as how much has been saved with the e-learning.

3 | What does the technical assessment suggest?

A technical assessment is assessed through a combination off staff engagement and technical KPIs. It evaluates how easy the interface of the e-learning is, how easy it is to update and how clearly the information is communicated, for example.

An e-learning platform should look and appear deceptively simple in its functionality as your teams don’t have the time to battle with a clumsy e-learning platform.

Is there a benchmark that’s most important? As an e-learning provider, we view all the outcomes as equally important. An e-learning system should be intuitive, inspiring and motivate your teams whilst improving the bottom line.


T21 Group are a specialist e-learning provider serving the electrical and automotive industries. We offer tailored, award-winning content, courses and training for all businesses large and small.

Find out how we can help your e-learning, including the best ways to measure, by emailing us at

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