How to Increase Value & Profitability by Up-Selling

When it comes to selling appliances in retail stores I’m often told that upselling to higher-spec more expensive models and brands is almost impossible. Unless the customer asks for it by name, it’s a non-starter.

Obviously it depends where I go but in those places where staff are finding it genuinely difficult, the conversation I have with them goes a bit like this:

“It’s not easy,” I’m told. “We get customers coming in and all they want is the cheapest thing we have. They just want to replace like-for-like something they’ve had for years. So we take the order and at least we’ve got the sale.”

Yeah, that’s a lot of barriers right there, most of them from inside the head of the sales-person rather than the customer. Still, I get that it can seem difficult enough selling the basic models, let alone trying to persuade customers to pay a bit more for the expensive stuff. Competition is fierce and it’s a buyers’ market.

However, it needn’t be so tough. More often than not it’s simply a case of asking the right questions when your customer comes in to enquire and see what you have.