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Knowledge Is Power. Here Are 4 Ways To Listen To Your Customers

Knowledge is power and nothing is more powerful than listening to your customer base. We have looked at different ways to listen to your customers, and here are our top four tips:

1 | Look at your reviews

Find out where customer's pain and trust points are through online reviews. Encourage reviews online from your long-term customers and always respond to reviews: positive and negative.

2 | Online

Adults now spend an average of four hours a day online according to a report by Ofcom. During lockdown use of Facebook Messenger increased to 41% from 18%. Think about your target customer and which social platforms they prefer to spend their time on. You never know, you might find some new customers and information to enable you to better serve your current client base.

3 | Share a survey

Ask your customers to complete a short survey online or in-store. Keep the survey to the point with questions that are focused to help you harness that feedback in useful ways to help your customers.

4 | Ask

Sometimes nothing is better than an in-person chat or a phone conversation, when possible. Having a chat with a long standing customer can help you discover how you can serve them better and what their needs and goals are. When it's right, there's a natural flow of conversation a lot less quantitative but can provide helpful insights.

Knowledge is power and your customers are always right.

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