Lessons from Lockdown

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

To say the last 12 months have been disruptive is an understatement. Despite the early warnings overshadowing last February’s news headlines, I don’t think anyone truly foresaw the full scale of the impact that coronavirus would have on our daily routines, our jobs, our children’s schooling, the way we shop and our businesses.

Everything has changed: More people are working from home and, since businesses have recognised the value of it, will continue doing so. More people are shopping online and whilst the forecasters tell us this may decline post-lockdown, its unlikely to be a very significant drop, since 12 months of forced shopping online will have become a habit rather than an exception. The ‘normal’ conditions that existed pre-pandemic have been shaken to such an extent that they are likely changed forever.

Which means that many businesses need to find new ways to trade if they haven’t done so already.

Everyone had to adapt: Face-to-face training disappeared overnight for us, so we too had to adapt. Thankfully we were already geared to providing online training solutions and now that proportion of our business is far larger and in greater demand. Our main focus was on retail training but we had to cast our net wider given that training was shunted down the priority list for many retailers in the early days of lockdown.