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Onboarding Staff - Here Are Our Top 3 Favourite Tips For A Better E-Learning Experience

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Onboarding staff with new technology and processes can be a challenge in any organisation.

Don’t let a poor e-learning experience put your staff off: ensure you engage the right supplier to create a seamless experience that your staff want to interact with time and again.

Here are our top three favourite tips for a better e-learning experience:

1 | The power of personalisation

Make sure the content and functionality is personalised, this does not have to be costly. It can be something as simple as having an assessment at the start of the e-learning to assess the skills and needs of an individual and through their choices, trigger e-learning content suited to their needs. Companies trip up on this generic approach, meaning the e-learning is time consuming and failing to add value to staff.

2 | Functionality

What is a seamless experience without great functionality? Again, this doesn't have to be expensive and a few intelligent tweaks can make a bigger difference to the experience. Clear navigation with progress updates can help. The less complex the e-learning is for the staff the better and they shouldn't need a PhD in Computer Science to navigate or be troubleshooting technical glitches. The key point here is to make your user interface (UI) intuitive and any e-learning worth its salt will be clear and understandable, making it a pleasure rather than a pain for staff to interact with.

3 | Test and feedback

You need testing and feedback from your staff to know whether the e-learning design and content is user-friendly and relevant. Most importantly, before launching your content all glitches should be ironed out. This will ensure teams will genuinely love the experience and generate more value for you as a result.

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