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T21 Training Survey!

In association with ERT Magazine, we've launched the year's biggest survey to find out what retailers in the UK's electrical retail industry think about training.

There have been a lot of changes recently in the way that training is delivered. Technology in e-learning has accelerated and mobile media is more widespread and accessible than ever – which means it’s easy to commit to training on the move. But is e-learning preferred over traditional face-to-face training? Do retailers see it as more or less effective? And what are retailers’ previous experiences of training – has training changed the business for the better or has it made no difference at all?

It would be great if we gained insight from as many retailers as possible so if you haven't taken part yet, why not do it now?

It only takes five minutes to complete and submit and you can click HERE to begin!

UPDATE: The survey closes on September 14th 2019!

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