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Tips On How To Improve Your Work/Life Routine

5 tips on how to improve you work/life routine.

Boost your wellbeing, increase your productivity and motivation levels.

1 | Prioritise your time

You may have a to do list with fifty tasks on, so prioritise these tasks into four categories. These categories are -

- urgent and important

- important but not urgent

- urgent but not important

- neither urgent nor important

2 | Know your peaks and troughs

Your peaks and troughs are the times you are most productive and motivated and the troughs are the opposite. So, are you a morning person? If so assign tough high-concentration tasks to the morning. Don't leave the tough tasks until it's night time. If you are an evening person do the opposite. Overall, assign tough high concentration tasks to your 'peak time' and the easier tasks to your 'trough time'.

3 | Plot some personal time

When personal issues arise, it can be tempting to bury yourself in your work. But make 'me' time. It's important.

4 | Have set work hours and stick to them

When you work from home or work for yourself and it can be to get distracted or work at silly hours of the day. Set yourself a realistic work schedule and stick to them. You don't want to be working until midnight every day.

5 | Take a break

You deserve a break. Remember to take time throughout your day. Some tasks are easier than others, so if you find yourself with spare time up your sleeve, be realistic about whether you can "afford" to rest or not. You might not have time every day to simply sit and 'be' but do your best to give yourself a lunch break. Additionally, make a clear point of getting up every 15 minutes to stretch, this will help your mind become clearer, more focused and more productive.

A Take Away Message

Especially when you are working from home, or self employed it can be very easy to slip into a work-work-work schedule.

But we must remember to look after ourselves and our mental health everyday.

Remember to take breaks, have “me” time, work when you are most productive and don’t leave deadlines to the last minute!

If you are interested on tips and courses on how to improve your wellbeing, especially in a work environment, contact us via email, visit our website and follow our Instagram page here for more information on mental wellbeing and learning and development.

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