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Use E-Learning To Support and Enhance Your Classroom Training

Classroom training or e-learning? What if we told you it didn't have to be an either/or decision?

With T21 e-learning can work in tandem with traditional classroom training sessions in a variety of ways:

Firstly in pre-training:

  • Use e-learning to create a Training Needs Assessment - a short quiz (for example) with questions and exercises that gauge a benchmark for where your learners are right now; obvious gaps in knowledge will very quickly reveal themselves, allowing you to focus your classroom training content on those gaps.

  • Use e-learning to prepare learners for the classroom content with a short e-learning module based around the topics you will cover, this can ensure a minimum level of knowledge and/or pre-reading ahead of the classroom.

Secondly in classroom training:

  • Break up the classroom with short, impactful e-learning modules - change the pace and have sun fun by setting up an online 'game' via e-learning designed to get your learners using their new knowledge.

Lastly for post-training:

  • Consolidate and check knowledge retention - by using e-learning modules and tests after the training. Once your learners have gone through their classroom training and are back in the workplace, use e-learning to refresh and remind trainees of the key learning points from the classroom training. Go further by advancing what they have learnt in the classroom with e-learning modules that build on what they have learned.

As you can see the perfect blend of e-learning and traditional classroom training can create the perfect training experience for your employees.

At T21 Group we create e-learning modules that can perfectly fit into your traditional classroom training. We also are available for face-to-face/online training.


Contact us and check out the rest of our website for more info!


T: 07913957875

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