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Who Are T21?

Since 2015, we have been creating training courses to help businesses, associates and employees achieve their full potential.

We deliver training via classroom style events, one-to-one coaching, online video and specially created e-learning courses packed with dynamic interactions, videos and animated clips to help learners retain knowledge and keep their courses fluid and engaging.

We provide all of this to a wide range of organisations large and small. Some of our clients include Retra, Yamaha and Triumph.

Our e-learning courses help brands communicate new practices, new product information, technical expertise and compliancy guidelines to subsidiaries on a global scale.

T21 trainers are experienced in a wide variety of skills with experience gained from many years as sellers, marketers, product developers, team leaders and business owners. Therefore, we cover a wide range of topics which enable us to deliver the right training for you.

If we can be said to specialise in a specific area then Sales is our thing. With our extensive experience in selling, from the retail shop floor to client account management, from outbound telesales to face-to-face negotiations, from selling your services as a new business to finding new markets to launch your brand - we can help.

Our sales methodology is not based on 'hard selling', but rather the building of strong relationships with your customers, no matter who they are or where they come from. With strong competition, personal technology and disruptive economic influences at work in the current age, gaining customer loyalty is more challenging than ever. But it can be done, you can make a difference and we can show you how.

Need something else? Whatever your training needs are, we'd love to hear from you.

We connect with a wide network of expert trainers in many business areas across multiple industries and its highly likely we can offer you training no matter your needs.

Here are some examples of training we can offer:

-Sales Training

-Product Training

-Learning and Management Skills

-Employee Health and Wellbeing

-Negotiation Skills and Commercial Awareness Training

-Business Planning and Strategy

-Building and Managing Diversity Policies

-Health and Safety


Contact T21 Group today!

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