Training from start to finish.

We recruit the best people to represent your brand and then we train them, not just on your product, but also on the culture, values  and commercial aims of your business.


In this way our demonstrators, promoters and sales experts remain fully connected to you, performing like an extension to your own field sales team.

T21 trainers and support managers stay with them throughout the campaign, ensuring that their knowledge and connection to your brand is always at its optimum level.


Attract & engage new customers.

An in-store campaign doesn't exist in isolation and it's nothing without customers visiting your retailer's stores.

Together with our experienced marketing partners we can map a much wider campaign architecture that aims to drive customers to engage with our teams in stores.


Retain excellent relations.

With every sale our in-store teams make, we can capture essential data

that could help you retain the lifetime value of your customers.

In addition, we can help you strengthen the performance of your sell-through  by forging relationships with and training your retailers' own sales personnel, so that on the days we're not there you can be confident that your retailers are more knowledgeable about your products and more confident when selling them to their customers.

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