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What We Do

At T21 we create training courses to help your business, your associates and your employees achieve their full potential.

We deliver training via 'classroom' style events, one-to-one coaching, online video and specially created e-learning courses packed with dynamic interactions, videos and animated clips to help learners retain knowledge and keep the courses fluid and engaging.

We provide all of this to a wide range of organisations large and small.

Our e-learning courses help brands communicate new practices, new product information, technical expertise and compliancy guidelines to subsidiaries on a global scale.


Through our brand-new state-of-the-art learning management platform KONKOR, we can help any business achieve maximum return on investment on their training programmes.

We're passionate and excited by what we do and how we deliver it, and we believe that our energetic approach to our work helps motivate others to take control and achieve their aspirations.

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