Discover Our Expertise

Since our start-up in 2015, T21 has provided innovative, creative and highly effective E-Learning content and easy-to-use LMS platforms to a wide range of organisations large and small. We're also known for our retail sales training programmes that have helped a growing list of retailers achieve excellent results in sales and customer service in a very challenging, dynamic market.

We're passionate and excited by what we do and how we deliver it, and we believe that our energetic approach to our work helps motivate others to take control and achieve their aspirations.

What We Do.

We create e-learning platforms and the content to fill them. We deliver energetic and inspiring face-to-face training programmes. 

More often, we blend the two together to create long lasting solutions tailor-made to suit our clients' learning & development needs.

We work with business owners on developing strategies for growth and commercial sustainability.

And we work with brands to launch and promote their products in the retail space.

Our expertise comes from decades of real-world experience and a working knowledge of the global trends that shape businesses today.